Press Release | 3.7K Sprinkler Heads Addition to Sprinkler Line Up

September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015
Contact: Thomas Yeh
30 Muller, Suite 112, Irvine CA 92618 USA

Available in 162°F and 175°F
Irvine, California — September 22, 2015 — Senju Sprinkler is launching their new product, the RC-RES 3.7K sprinkler heads available in the ordinary 162°F and intermediate 175°F temperatures.
Senju Sprinkler has grown largely due to the popularity of the RC-RES 4.9K residential sprinkler, which was designed with feedback by the fire protection community across the country. Senju’s success is largely due to their continued innovation by listening to the dynamic changes of the market.
Customers brought to their attention some issues when designing plans for areas with poor water pressure. After factoring in the friction loss, low-flow sprinkler heads with the best UL listed specifications designed for these systems were not enough. Very costly compromises such as upgrading the water meter had to be made. 
Senju Sprinkler came out with the RC-RES 3.7K concealed sprinkler, the first ever in its class. For a 12X12 and 14×14 room size, it puts out 10GPM and 7.3PSI. Using these heads, a contractor does not have to upgrade the water meter and can maintain a 2 head calc with water to spare. This gives the contractors a cost-saving option, especially for low water supply areas such as garages, near fireplaces, boiler rooms, unventilated areas (attics, storage closets), and 2-4 multi house projects.
For more information, please call 949-333-1281

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