NEW and Improved Wood Grain Cover Plates are Finally Here!

June 17, 2015

Featuring the new standard wood grain cover plates available in Douglas Fir, Yellow Birch, Golden Oak, Cherry Chestnut, and Dark Walnut. These cover plates are the improved version of the standard wood grain line of cover plates that was created back in May 2014. Enhanced features include a more natural wood finish, life-like texture, and pattern improvements that will blend seamlessly to any piece of wood. An overwhelmingly positive response from clients on these standard wood grain cover plates was received, and that lead to an even wider expansion. Now, any design is replicable…whether it’s wood, marble, stripes, or anything in between.

Official pictures are currently in progress and we can't wait to update our website and all other marketing materials.


New Standard Wood Grains
New Standard Wood Grains

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