Summer Bonfire

July 22, 2015


What else can make a person smile and think of great summer night memories but bonfires? The season is finally here and nothing makes summer more exciting than s'mores roasting, laughing with friends, and just having fun around a great bonfire. Despite all this, we still need to be aware of the consequences when a bonfire goes wrong because some of the major incidents happen during the most unexpected times. Here are things to avoid during a bonfire so that we can ensure everyone's safety: 

  • Avoid putting in items that might cause explosions such as paint cans, gas, alcohol, and other flammable materials near/ in the fire.
  • Make sure to have a fire pit where wood/charcoal can be put into, as this will help avoid fire from spreading.
  • If the fire pit has a stand, make sure that it is evenly standing and not lopsided. This is common knowledge, yet something that many people ignore.
  • Pick a safe spot...away from homes, wood balconies, dry grass. The beach is a perfect location!
  • It is better to build a slow but safe fire. People are tempted to build fire quickly by using kerosene, but this could cause major flare ups that are potentially dangerous. Be patient!
  • Always keep a close watch on the flames and never leave it unattended.
  • When it's time to wrap up, make sure that even the smallest of flames is completely extinguished.

If you do this right, you are off to an amazing start of endless summer nights! 


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