October is Fire Prevention Month

October 16, 2015

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Fire Prevention Month is a great reminder for everyone to create fire escape plans and protect yourself now in case of a residential fire (if you haven't yet). Some residential owners think that at-home escape plans are not necessary since a home is not a theater, mall, or a public place with lots of people. However, the statistics below from NFPA shows why it's important to have one. According to the 2014 estimates, the fires that occur in structures actually has an estimated 494,000, to which 386,500 are residential...while only 17,500 account for stores and offices.


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Here are Some Tips on Creating a Successful Escape Plan:

1. Make sure you have a primary exit.

2. Create an alternative escape route in case the primary is blocked by fire or other falling objects during the fire.

3. Have a meeting place outside and make sure it is far enough from the burning house.

4. Do not panic, but always be alert!

5. Stop, drop, and roll. The fire's smoke usually lingers in the air, which can suffocate a person standing up. It is best to be as low/near to the ground as possible.

6. Put a collapsible escape ladder in every room with a window.

7. Remember to practice your plan.

8. Finally, draw out your escape route map and put it up on the wall in case you have visitors who happen to be at home with you and is not as familiar with the plan.


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Do not get caught up with gathering items and taking it with you because every second counts. Your life is more important than any material things you want to save.

For more statistics, please visit osfireloss.


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