Thanksgiving Fire Safety

November 25, 2015

We greet each other "Happy Thanksgiving" during this time of the year and although it's all warm and fuzzy, we have to keep in mind that three times as many home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving as on a typical day (Source: National Fire Protection Association).

The leading cause of a home fire in general is unattended cooking! Imagine the increase of cooking times during Thanksgiving when many guests come over.

Thanksgiving in particular involves a lot of socializing, preparing dishes, and in between everything that's happening, we tend to forget what is cooking in the oven or the stove. Safety in the kitchen is important and here are some tips to help you have a safe holiday with family and friends.

1. Keep an eye on what you are cooking, check frequently, and stay in the kitchen

2. Avoid having the kids in the kitchen area to prevent them from touching anything hot, keep at least a 3-feet distance from the stove

3. Keep knives, electric cords, and other kitchen hazard out of reach of children

4. Test your smoke alarms to make sure it is working properly

5. Make sure to prevent turkey juice from causing an oven fire by doubling up on the pan or the aluminum foil

6. If you have (or will) consume(d) alcohol, assign someone else to be in charge of the kitchen



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