Accessories Used in Fire Sprinkler Systems

October 28, 2016

When it comes to making fire sprinkler installations easier, Senju has a variety of accessories that will help contractors install sprinklers one step ahead of everyone else. One of their accessories is the protective cap removal tool, which may be attached to any 1 inch CPVC pipe. Once the sprinkler head is installed, the cap removal tool attached to the pipe will pull out the sprinkler’s protective cap without the use of a ladder. The protective cap removal tool is also now available in Nylon 66 material, which is a lot sturdier than the previous plastic material it had. Another accessory that Senju offers is the magnetic cover plate installation tool, which may be attached to the other end of the CPVC pipe. The tool’s platform can hold any concealed cover plate that has a diameter of up to 3-1/4”. Both of these accessories help any contractor eliminate the use of heavy ladders when it comes to fire sprinkler installations.


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