Maintaining Your Fire Sprinklers

August 26, 2016

Maintaining Your Fire Sprinklers

The first step to maintaining fire safety in your home is the installation of fire sprinklers. A recent survey by the National Fire Protection Association showed that your risk of dying in a residential fire decreases by as much as 80% when fire sprinkler system is installed properly. But, proper maintenance measures need to be performed in order to verify that the sprinkler system is fully functional. Here are simple ways to quickly evaluate your fire sprinkler system:

1.) Inspection: A visual inspection is very easy, just look at the sprinkler and make sure that it is not physically damaged.

2.) Testing: This could be easily performed by professionals, the purpose is to determine the valves and other system components status. Testing is achieved through physical checks periodically (water flow and alarm tests).

3.) System Maintenance: This is used generally to ensure that the fire sprinkler system remains operable, and if repairs are needed, system maintenance may be required as well.

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